Sunday, December 23, 2007

After-Ordination Celebration

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After the ordination, we headed to the trapeza to celebrate. Inasmuch as it’s Serbia, it had to begin with a little hard alcohol—in this case, American whiskey, which was given to the bishop as a present. Bishop Maxim’s sister, who lives in Belgrade, also made a very nice cake for the occasion.

The top three photos are all from after the service.

After about an hour and half, we all went home. We rested for a little bit, and then our hosts—Nebojsa, Lepa, and Natasa—took us to their friends house out in a traditional village about 45 minutes outside Belgrade.

It was a great experience. Our hosts were hard-working, but by no means wealthy. Yet, in the Serbian custom, they gave us the best of everything they had. We drank mulled homemade raki, we ate, we played with the kids—it was wonderful. The bottom photo is from their house.

It was a long day, but full of joy, love, and grace.

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