Saturday, September 22, 2007


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On Friday, we drove to ancient Philippi and Kavala, which was formerly Philippi’s port city of Neapolis (where St Paul first set foot in Europe). It’s about a two-hour drive east from here.

First, we went to Philippi and wandered around the ruins of the ancient city for a while.

The top photo is of the ancient theater. The two ant-like figures in the seats are my parents.

The second photo is of the prison where St Paul was held. According to Acts 16:9-40, Sts Paul and Silas visited Philippi and were thrown into this prison here. At midnight, as they prayed, an earthquake shook this prison, opening the cell and loosing their chains.

The city is split by a road – which is still used today as a main thoroughfare. In the third photo, Pelagia is looking from St Paul’s prison across the road to the ancient agora of the city. Also in the background you can see the remains of a 5th century Christian basilica.

The last photo is of my parents walking around through the old agora.

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