Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Byzantine Chant -- and Other Liturgical "Traditions"

This video is not really apropos to anything – Pelagia and I just think it’s hilarious. Our friend here, Philip, showed it to us yesterday. This is from an actual Roman Catholic mass. Keep an eye on the altar boy on the far left getting down.

This segues (somehow?) into the update I wanted to give (and, for which, unfortunately, I have no photos).

The main excitement this week is that Pelagia and I began private lessons in Byzantine chant. One of the priests here in Panorama arranged it for us. A very close friend of his is the Protopsaltis (head chanter) at one of the old churches downtown, and also a professor of Byzantine music at the University.

He is giving us weekly lessons, for a minimal fee.

We began yesterday with learning the basic differences between the Eastern and Western musical scales, and Byzantine notation. Byzantine notation is like a whole ‘nother language. Check out a sample here. (And this example is in English!)


Anonymous said...

Loved the video! What a hoot. I look forward to the reports on your Byzantine music lessons. Let me know who your instructor is. I hope your lessons in Spokane help, not haunt you both!
--Pres. Irene

George said...

The video was hilarious! I can't believe this was in Greece!!!

Please keep us up to date with your Byzantine chant lessons.