Monday, September 24, 2007


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After Philippi, we drove about 10 miles south to Kavala (ancient Neapolis, the old port city of Philippi) to find something for lunch.

We parked near the Imaret hotel, an old 18-domed Ottoman building that has been transformed into a 300 Euro/night hotel in the old part of the city and found a nice, traditional Greek taverna for lunch.

Afterwards, we walked around the old part of the city and up to the castle on the acropolis.

The first taken as we approached the city (we stopped at an overview point). Kavala is in the background.

The second photo was taken from the top of the castle walls down onto Kavala.

The third photo is of the castle and the last photo is of us relaxing inside the castle.

On the way back to the car, we went inside the fancy Imaret hotel and had a coffee in their café overlooking the water and the city. It was a fantastic view. Fortified by the caffeine, we then made the 2-hour trek back home.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a photo of you BOTH in the same frame. GE, you're looking very distinquished, and Dear Hill, beautiful as always.

Gregory said...

Who art thou, anonymous stranger? Andrea? ( :