Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Dog and a Hike

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Not too much exciting happening here. Both of us have been working a lot. I edited an English translation of a Greek work of fiction – actually the first two books of a trilogy. The translation was so bad that I told him it would be easier and cheaper if he just let me translate the third one myself. So, I’m working on that now. After that, then I have more theological essays on ecumenism to translate for Fr Peter.

The main event this week was the arrival of a dog! We have a neighbor who takes care of a whole flock of stray cats. We walk by the house every day and we started noticing two small puppies there, too. Pelagia really took to them, and eventually talked with the neighbor. They were just abandoned and he decided to take care of them until he could find them homes. Meanwhile, Pelagia named them and made a point of visiting with them every day. Eventually, one of the two got adopted and then the press was on to take the remaining puppy.

We finally agreed to take him on a trial basis on Thursday evening. Our neighbors, the Lillies, adopted a local stray a few weeks ago, and it has worked out pretty nicely for them. So we decided to give it a try. We’re not sure what kind of dog he is. A Greek said he was a “rabbit hound.” He’s VERY, VERY shy. It seems certain that he was very badly treated at one point, so he needs lots of love and patience. We decided to call him Argos. Click on the name for more info.

He’s worked out pretty well so far. Our cat is happy so long as the dog knows that the cat runs not only our house, but the whole apartment building and yard.

We hoped to take him for a hike with us today, but he’s so shy and so young that he won’t come when he’s called. Additionally, he’s deathly afraid of leashes (there was obviously some trauma), so we couldn’t really risk taking him yet.

The two of us, however, went to a place just outside Panorama – a few miles from our house. We hiked about an hour and half into the mountains and then sat beside a river and had a sandwich. It was very nice – a little cool and sunny. Our neighbor showed us this spot last week – apparently, a lot of people go swimming in the stream there. We wish we had known this a little earlier in the summer!

The first photo, obviously, is me and Argos.

The second photo is of Pelagia sitting at the swimming spot.

The third photo is of Pelagia climbing a big hill. You can barely make her out – you can see a little bit of her red backpack. We thought we saw a little chapel/shrine at the top of the hill, but it turned out to be a series of cisterns or something.

The bottom photo is of Pelagia and one of the turtles we came across. We also stumbled across a shepherd and his herd of goats.

For all the photos from today, click here.

Unfortunately, the weather turned really cold this week (high of 70-75), so we didn’t go swimming. It’s supposed to warm back up this week. I’m hoping we can use the car to finally go to the beaches of Halkidiki for a swim.

Anyway, the car is doing well. It’s been SUCH a blessing!! Thank you all again for your support!

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