Thursday, December 28, 2006

St. Demetrios

On Tuesday, we all headed downtown to walk around. The first stop was St. Demetrios.


I was surprised and blessed at the number of churches locally. They range in size from chapel to cathedral. I was in awe of the size and feel of St. Demetrios. (Gregory: St. Demetrios is the largest church in Greece.)

From the grandeur of the timber-roofed basilica style to the veneration of the relics, I was overwhelmed. It was my first experience of actual myrrh from a saint, and I left the church in a state of repentance.

Being so western and so unaccustomed to such spiritual realities, I declined going to another church because I was a bit overwhelmed. I can only process so much in one day!

Thank God, RM has enough time here with us to really get a feel for Greece and the Church here, and not just a whirlwind tour.

The top photo is of RM outside St. Demetrios.

The second photo is inside St. Demetrios, from the back.

The third photo is again from inside the cathedral.

The last photo is of RM at the relics of St. Demetrios.

We also went down into the crypt to see the original church and the spot of the saint's martyrdom.

The church also boasts the relics of the virgin-martyr Anysia of Thessaloniki, who was martyred here in 298 for refusing to renounce Christ. Her feast day is celebrated December 30.

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