Sunday, December 10, 2006

Panagia Ahiropiitos

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Well, on Saturday night, we went out just so I'd have something to write about on here! ( ;

As we sometimes do, we went downtown to Panagia Ahiropiitos for Vespers. While I was waiting to speak with Fr. Spyridon afterward, I took a couple pictures. The church is absolutely enormous, so the flash does nothing.

The church itself dates from the 5th century, as I think I've said before. Of course, time and the Turks destroyed much of the iconography, but some beautiful figural mosaics (the Turks could tolerate these images) survive, which probably date to the iconoclastic period (ca. 8th century).

The top photo is of one of the mosaics on the underside of the arches which line the inner narthex, and the bottom photo is of the apse.

The photos just don't do justice to the immense scale.

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