Sunday, December 10, 2006

Indonesian Food in Greece

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After that, we met our friend Philip for dinner at -- of all places -- an Indonesian restaurant, opened recently by Gregory, a former theology student himself and a cousin of Indonesia's Fr. Daniel Byantoro.

An international restaurant like this is not particularly common here. Philip joked: "People here don't understand when I tell them that one of the things I miss most about the States is Thai food."

It's particularly nice during fasting times, as the Greek cuisine loves meat, feta, and did I mention meat? (Think of the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when the aunt, upon learning that the fiance is a vegetarian, says, "Oh, that's ok -- I'll make lamb.")

Anyway, we had a good time, and Gregory took this photo of us. He is printing some new menus, and we offered to help with the English translations. Pelagia is using her restaurant experience to come up with some very fancy sounding descriptions (unlike the current "with glutinous rice.")

There are a couple websites out there with photos of some hilarious English mistakes. We've seen our share on menus here. The Greeks have a C/G confusion when translating, so we had a chance this summer to have some "fried god" at a fish restaurant in Halkidiki.

Anyway, that was about it. We're scheduled to play some mah-jong with the neighbors in 15 minutes (a regular Sunday evening event), so I'm off.

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