Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mt Olympus

To finish my story from our trip this weekend: After visiting Ancient Dion, we went to the town of Litohoro, which lies at the base of the famous Mt Olympus, the ancient home of the pagan Greek gods.

Mt Olympus was the modern state of Greece's first national park, and it offers some great hiking. For this trip, however, the group only walked about half an hour to a nice waterfall.

We hope to hike to the top of the mountain (about 9000-9500 ft) some time next spring or summer. You have to stay at a shelter on the mountain for at least one night to make it all the way. (Maybe Makrina would like to go!) Posted by Picasa


Pambythelake said...

I have so enjoyed your photos and your travel log. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Blessing on both of you on your journey in Greece and in school.
(Pam in Wenacthee Washington)

RM said...

I dig the waterfall! Very cool.