Saturday, October 21, 2006

Guest Room, AFTER

The top photo is of the floor in progress, obviously. It looks SO much better now than the old, dirty, industrial carpet that was there before. Most importantly, it can now actually be cleaned. The vacuum cleaners here are almost completely useless -- they have about as much power as a AA battery.

The REALLY bizarre thing is that our Greek landlady loved the room, but wanted to know what we had done with the carpet, since it was 'new.' Evidently, she wanted to keep it for future use. Yikes.

The second photo is the finished room, and the bottom photo is of the shadows cast on the ceiling by the new light fixture (which is not actually new at all -- Pelagia found it buried in our storage and she cleaned it up).
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Denise said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to sleep there! MOM

Anonymous said...

My room looks great. A wonderful combo of elegance and comfort.