Friday, September 22, 2006

The Monastery in Veria

Yesterday I went with Frs. Alexios and Panagioti (our parish priests) to visit the new monastery near Veria. St. Paul came here after leaving Thessaloniki. See this brief but interesting wikipedia article on Veria.

The monastery, Agion Panton (All Saints), is not actually new. It was originally built in the 1500s I believe, but all that remains of that is the temple. Now, Fr. Pavlos (our host on Mt Athos) has taken up the project of restarting the monastery. They are building like crazy and already 6 nuns are there.

The top photo is of the temple. This outer facade is new. The bottom photo is taken from the doorway in the new exonarthex and shows the original (tiny) doorway into the old chapel. I didn't take any photos in there, but it was beautiful. Much of the original iconography remains (although many of the faces have been scratched out by invaders).

The second photo shows the guest house/trapeza on the left, with the temple just barely visible on the right.

I have more photos of the monastery here.

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papa herman said...

Beautiful colours on the frescoes.