Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Triplets' Fourth Birthday

About 2 weeks ago, the triplets celebrated their fourth birthday with a low-key party at the house featuring a new inflatable pool and a piñata.

Here they are just after breaking the piñata and discovering a cache of candy inside.

There were also a couple toys inside, which Phoebe was eager to show me.

A couple of their friends from the neighborhood joined them for birthday cake.

Here's yiayia with the baby.

Talking on our patio over some birthday cake.


More photos of yiayia holding the baby in the church courtyard in front of our house. Above, you can see Volos and the gulf in the background. Below, the church.


James Keys said...

Fr. Gregory,
Do Greeks know what a piñata is? What's next, tacos and burritos?

Fr. Gregory said...

No, they don't! But it's kind of a Trojan Horse concept, so they liked it...