Monday, June 24, 2013

Triplets Go to the Beach

Beach season has started. The weather just turned hot here about a week ago, and the water is starting to catch up. The triplets' first swim of the season was in the Pagasitikos Gulf, which locals say is warmer than the other side of Mt. Pelion, which is the open Aegean. So after our trip to visit Dimini, we went to the nearby beach of Chrysi Akti tis Panagias (the Golden Beach of the Theotokos). See map point B above, as well as the photos above and below.

The water was still pretty cold then, so the highlight of the trip for the kids was probably the ice cream at the end.

The second visit to the beach (on a different day) was to Plaka, which is right next Agios Ioannis on the open Aegean (see point C on map above). The beach here is more pebbles than sand, but it's absolutely gorgeous.

Phoebe with her godmother Ana before she headed back to the US.

The kids saw a German tourist with a nice inflatable, and he kindly let them borrow it.

Benny wasn't too sure about it, so here he is watching them sail around from the shoreline.

For a few more photos, click here.

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