Monday, June 14, 2010

Mt. Athos Bloggers' Exhibit

The Mt. Athos photography exhibit that I mentioned earlier opened last Monday with great fanfare. The mayor of Thessaloniki was on hand, as well as monks from several Athonite monasteries, as well as five newspapers, radio, television, etc. Headlining the exhibit (ha ha), as you can see in the photo above of the display at the entrance, is yours truly.

In all seriousness, my photographs were probably the least interesting of all. Altogether, there were 23 or 24 photographers on exhibit, and most of the photographs were amazing. The exhibit is going to be available online here any moment now.

Pelagia, the babies, and I went there on Monday afternoon, after all the hoopla in the morning. We were very impressed by the exhibit.

Here, Pelagia and Phoebe are admiring my corner of work (7 photos in all).

The cluster of four photos on the left are from Patrick Barnes of The Dalles, OR, and the five on the right are from Michael Tishel, another American studying here in Thessaloniki. His blog is here.

Our friend Nektarios works at the Athos Center, so he took us around the exhibit and the center. He even went and got an ink pad so that the babies could sign the guest book with their hand prints.

When we got there in the mid-afternoon, things were very quiet, so the babies were free to roam around. Here's Benjamin in the middle of the exhibit.

Afterwards, we went for a little walk around the center of the city, and stopped in for Vespers at this church (ca. 1100 AD) dedicated to the Presentation of Christ (February 2).

We even met up with Paul's godfather after he got off from work. Here is everyone with the Rotunda in the background.

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