Sunday, June 20, 2010

Babies' First Birthday

The babies celebrated their first birthday on Friday, and our plans for a small, quiet party quickly grew bigger and bigger, as all the babies' friends here wanted to come see them.

Pelagia's mom, Kh. Sophia, arrived from the US on Friday afternoon in time for the evening's party, and even helped decorate the individual cakes Pelagia made.

In the photo above, we had just given the babies their cakes and sang them "Happy Birthday" and we were waiting for them to dig in (and make a big mess).

Here they are getting down to business with their cakes.

Here's Benjamin finishing off his cake.

The babies also got some presents, including some brought over by Kh. Sophia. Here Paul was really enjoying the wooden rocking horse that our friend Kalliopi's family gave the babies. Our friend Brendan was helping him.

And here Phoebe is enjoying the swing (which attaches to a door jam) that Kalliopi gave them.

Here we are the next day opening more presents. In the background, you can see Paul making his way over to the bed to see what he can get into over there. Paul is doing very well at standing without support and can manage 3 or 4 steps now.

For a few more photos from the big first birthday, click here.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Chronia Polla to your precious little ones !

Anonymous said...

How wonderful; their first birthday! Yes, XPONIA POLLA! And their grandmother from yakima, WA was also able to be there.
On my first day to Greece, i'd be EXAUSTED and would want to sleep! Kudos to KH. Sophia / she has energy like my mom!
take care,
Mia (one greek girl in Yakima)