Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bishop Maxim and the Babies

Last week, Bishop Maxim came to Greece for a major international theological conference in Volos. Since he flew into Thessaloniki, Pelagia and the babies had a chance to get his blessing before he and I headed down to Volos for the conference.

For a little peace and quiet, we went to the dam in Thermi so that the babies could see the ducks.

In the photo above, Bishop Maxim is holding Phoebe, who is trying to see what the ducks are doing down on the water.

Bishop Maxim, Pelagia, and the babies.

The babies stop to look at the ducks up close. Phoebe especially gets very excited when she sees any kind of animal.

Fr. Alexios joined us for lunch before Bishop Maxim and I drove down to Volos on Thursday afternoon. We had an early lunch, so the restaurant was almost empty. This meant the babies were free to roam all over. Here you can see Paul hiding in a little nook.

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