Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roasting a Goat

On Saturday night, George, one of our parish's chanters, invited me to his house to celebrate his names' day with a roasted goat. Goat, by the way, seems to be much more common than lamb, at least here in northern Greece. They say that it is less fatty.

Above you can see us hanging around as the goat turns over the coals.

After several hours of cooking, it's finally ready.

Here we are posing with the goat. :)

Here Fr. Alexios and Nikos, one of our parish's council members, are cutting up the goat into manageable chunks.

The meal was most memorable, both for the food and the conversation. We were blessed to have with us Monk Moses of the Holy Mountain (one of the most famous authors and speakers in Greece today) and Professor Dimitris Tselingidis, a professor at the university here and one of the most well-known Orthodox theologians today. With these two theologians, we had a couple hours of very interesting and edifying conversation.

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