Friday, March 19, 2010


I had some calls for an update on the babies, so here goes.

They've all had a bit of a cold the past few days, but they're crawling around and they like pulling themselves up to stand.

Above you can see Paul in the bathtub with his ducky. (Ducks in Greece, by the way, go "Pak Pak," not "Quack Quack.")

This is one of the babies' favorite activities, especially at bedtime -- crawling all over mom!

Here's Phoebe chewing on a bean. She's got two teeth in the bottom front now; the boys are still waiting for their first.

Here's Benny standing at my desk.

Paul standing at my desk.


Here the babies are in the bathroom brushing their "teeth."

Here the babies are having spaghetti for the first time. Below is a movie that our Bosnian Serb friend Milenko took the other day when he came to visit.

And here's our great friend, Angela, with Paul and Phoebe. Angela is an Orthodox convert from Scotland who came to Thessaloniki over 20 years ago to study theology at the university and never left.

And, finally, here is a cute video that Pelagia made this week.

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