Sunday, March 21, 2010

Babies at MediaMarkt/2400-year-old Archaeological Site

It's time for an update of baby photos. I know by now that I can only leave you without new photos for so long before I start getting complaints, so here goes. :)

Above is Benjamin in the tunnel.

This is a nice photo of Phoebe, chewing on the arm of a chair.

Here's Paul.

Pelagia has made our living a room a safe, baby-proofed area, and it is now fenced in with baby gates. So here you can see Paul and Phoebe behind bars.

One day, we went on an outing to MediaMarkt, which is an electronics superstore like BestBuy. But here's something BestBuy in the U.S. definitely doesn't have going for it -- it's not built on the site of a 2400-year-old Macedonian tomb.

Developers in Greece dread hitting on an archaeological site when they start building, but it's quite common. The developers of MediaMarkt have found an ingenious solution, though -- just incorporate it into your store design. Here, as you can see in the two photos above, you can walk on top of a Macedonian tomb site on your way into the entrance of the story. This way, you can have a history lesson and get a new big-screen TV all in one stop!

Last Sunday evening, Pelagia, Ann Lillie, and I were out on a walk with the babies when we ran into Fr. Alexis, who then suggested that we go for a coffee at (yet another) new cafe that has opened in Panorama. Above you can see Paul playing with Fr. Alexis.

Here, Paul's godfather, Paris, has him; I have Benjamin; and Fr. Alexis has the bill! :)

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