Thursday, March 04, 2010

Athos Photos on Exhibit

I received a very interesting email today from the Mount Athos Center, which is most known to pilgrims to the Holy Mountain as the place where one must go to obtain permission to enter Mount Athos.

Well, it's actually a whole organization, and their headquarters, located right in the center of Thessaloniki, also houses a bookstore and an exhibition area, which often puts on interesting shows of photography and artwork related to the Holy Mountain.

Interestingly, it seems that they are now organizing an exhibit for the summer that will be dedicated to the photography of bloggers who cover the Holy Mountain. They selected four of my photographs -- all from my last trip there last summer with my brother-in-law Thomas and my koumbaros Paris -- and have asked me for permission to display them at the exhibit, which will run from June 25-September 17.

Here then, being republished, are the photos they requested. The first two are from Grigoriou, and the second two from Simonopetra. I don't really know what they saw in the first photo, but anyway...

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