Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Feast of the Translation of St George's Relics

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, we celebrated the feast of the translation of St. George's relics with Bishop Panteleimon, 9 priests, and 1 deacon. Above is the bishop's entrance into the church during Orthros.

Here we are gathered around the throne just before the start of the Liturgy.

Here we are around the altar during the Liturgy.

While Rebecca watched the boys, Pelagia brought Phoebe for the Liturgy, and here she is taking Holy Communion from Fr. Panayiotis. For more photos from the Liturgy, click here. Photos, by the way, were courtesy of Fr. Dn. Ephraim Rivers, an American from an OCA parish in Alabama visiting Greece on business.

In the evening, Fr. Ephraim took me and my friend Philip Navarro (another American studying here) out to dinner in the city--at an Indonesian restaurant owned by Fr. Daniel Byantoro's cousin, who is also an Orthodox convert.

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