Sunday, November 22, 2009

Babies Go to the Waterfront

The weather has been just beautiful for the last week or so -- sunny with highs around 65. Not bad for the end of November!

Today was another such day, so we decided to take the babies out for a walk along the waterfront in Thessaloniki. The city has done a really nice job making it into a wide pedestrian area, with playgrounds, a rose garden, etc.

Paul's godfather, Paris, also went with us, so we piled into two cars around 3:30 this afternoon and headed down to the Thessaloniki waterfront.

Benjamin, as you can see above, was tired from his Johnny Jump Up adventure, so he fell asleep almost as soon as the car started rolling and had a nice 20 minute nap on the ride down there. That, apparently, was enough for him, as all the babies had a great time during our 1.5 hour walk.

Here Paris is pushing the two boys. Rebecca and Pelagia are walking up ahead, with Phoebe in her favorite position on Pelagia's back.

Everyone really enjoyed the stop at the playground. Here, Paris and Paul, and Rebecca and Benjamin, are having their turns on the swings.

Paul grabbed on to the swing chain himself. He'll be swinging himself in no time.

Godfather with godson at the playground.

Pelagia took Phoebe (on her back) down a long slide.

Here Rebecca and Benjamin are see-sawing with Pelagia and Phoebe.

Now both Paul and Phoebe are on Pelagia's side.

We found a set of chimes to play. The babies seemed really enthralled with all the sounds as we tried to play different tunes.

Here we are walking back to the car as the sun makes one of its usual beautiful settings over Thessaloniki's water.

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