Sunday, November 22, 2009

Babies Update

Here's Phoebe trying out a stylish new hat.

Last Friday, our friend from Paris (with whom we stayed when we went last year) came to visit and see the babies for the first time. Speaking of fashion, she brought the babies some clothes from Paris. Now the babies, at only 5 months old, have the latest fashions from Paris. :)

Above Marie-Jeanne is with Paul. Below she is with Benjamin, and Rebecca is with Phoebe.

Last Saturday evening, the last day before the fast, Fr. Alexios took a few of us out to a great restaurant up in the mountains above Thessaloniki. Pictured above is what we ate -- lamb and pork, some of the best I've ever had.

Here the babies are all hanging out together on the couch -- from left to right, Paul, Benjamin, and Phoebe.

This morning, Pelagia broke out a toy called a Johnny Jump Up that Kh. Makrina brought us back in September. Benjamin was the first to try it out, and he really loved it.

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