Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Little Chocolate and Pelagia's Lesson

Once again I hit a dry spell in the blogging. Unfortunately, I have been sick, which has hampered things, but I finally got out of the house today to enjoy our new-found beautiful weather for a few minutes.

Around 5:00 PM, we walked over to the cafe near our house, which has a patio with a beautiful view out over Thessaloniki and the water (see top photo). The weather was so nice that Pelagia and I decided to go over there -- the other motive was Pelagia had a craving for some rich gooey chocolate, and I remembered that this place had something that fit the bill -- see the photo above.

At 6:30, Pelagia had her lesson with the two little Greek girls she teaches here at the house. Normally, they meet at the girls' house down the road here in Panorama, but they decided to come here for a change of pace.

Pelagia teaches them English simply by hanging out with them, playing games, etc. Today she made a sort of silly putty concoction with them out on our balcony and read them Dr. Seuss stories. (See photos below.)

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