Friday, March 20, 2009

Visit to Elder Paisios and Souroti

This morning I served the Presanctified Liturgy at our parish of St. George's, and then we took our guest, Sarah Lantz, to visit Elder Paisios' tomb at the women's monastery he founded in Souroti.

Sarah is Pelagia's sister's goddaughter from Kansas, and she came over with OCF Real Break for some work at a monastery in Thebes. She then extended her stay to come here for a few days and see a bit more of Greece.

The top photo is just outside the monastery. The photos immediately above and below are of Pelagia and Sarah at the elder's grave, and the last photo is of Sarah and me just outside the monastery again, with a view in the background. In the very left-hand corner of the last photo is Panorama in the background. To the left of that (not pictured) is Thessaloniki.

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Makrina Shanbour said...

Wow! I didn't know Sarah was visiting you. I hope you all had a nice visit.

Good Lent!