Sunday, March 01, 2009

After the Liturgy

At the end of the Liturgy, I got to hand out antidoron to a surprisingly well-behaved crowd of Greeks -- I'm happy to report that no one was injured in the mad rush for antidoron. : )

Afterward, we went downstairs to the parish hall where we had invited about 50 people for a coffee hour-type reception for the bishop. The photo above was taken at the end -- it is, from left to right, Fr. Alexios, Fr. Joseph, me, Pelagia, and Fr. Spyridon. (The photo at the very top is of our parish, at around 8:00 that morning.)

After the coffee hour, we all had about an hour or so to rest before we met up a local hotel for a very, very nice lunch. Fr. Alexios and the parish had arranged for a room for us on the top floor of the hotel, which had a great view of the whole area. It was particularly beautiful since it was snowing on Sunday, one of the few days in the year it snows here. The photo above is of me with Fr. Alexios and Bishop Maxim, taken inside the hotel's lobby.

The photo below is of the whole group of about 20 that were at lunch, just after the beautiful meal which included lamb!

I've been slowly collecting photos from Sunday from friends all week. I now have from six different cameras. I posted a few days ago the very nice photos from our friend Job here, and now I've posted the photos I've just received from our friend Paris here. Check them out. Paris also took quite a bit of video, which I'm hoping to edit together soon and post on here. I also would like to organize all the photos from all the different cameras into a "best-of" album, which I'll also post here. Keep checking in!

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