Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Photos from Serbia

I didn't have many of my own photos from Serbia this time around. My friend and traveling companion Philip just provided me with the few that he took, so here they are.

The first two photos are from the Sunday we spent in Pozarevac, about 1 hour south of Belgrade, at the liturgy in Bishop Ignatije's cathedral there. The bishops vested and de-vested in the episcopal residence a few hundred feet from the cathedral, so in the top photo the deacons are waiting to escort the bishops there from the church, after the Liturgy. The second photo is what we were waiting on -- all the people trying to get the bishops' blessings. This photo is of Bishop Ignatije.

The third and fourth photos are from the Monday morning Liturgy at th
e large St. Sava's Church -- which featured almost every Serbian bishop -- about 40 in all.

The third photo is of the bishops processing into the temple. They had vested next door at the older, small St. Sava's. Unfortunately, the space is so huge that lighting for photos is an issue.

The last photo is of the clergy around the altar. The figure in the center, with his back to the photo, is Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid and Skopje, a modern-day confessor. Read the brief version of his story here. I was blessed to meet him and talk with him for a few minutes after the Liturgy.

Click here for a few more of Philip's photos.

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