Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elder Paisios and Halkidiki

Tuesday was Djina's last day in Thessaloniki, with the bus leaving for Belgrade at 9 PM, so we made the most of it. The weather has been sunny and hot (85-90), so it seemed like a good time to take in the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki.

First, we stopped at the Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Souroti, where Elder Paisios is buried.

The top photo is of Elder Paisios' grave. The second photo is of the courtyard around the church. In the background you can see people at Elder Paisios' grave, which is located behind the church.

Afterwards, we drove on to the first leg of Halkidiki and stopped at the town of Kallithea. (See third photo.) There we sat on the beach and read. Djina even gave me another Serbian lesson on the beach!

We then found a traditional Greek restaurant for lunch (see bottom photo) and then headed back to Thessaloniki. the Athonite is buried. We venerated his grave and took some of the earth from the grave as a blessing. We also went inside the church and venerated the relics of St Arsenios the Cappadocian.

For a few more photos from the day, click here.

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