Saturday, June 14, 2008

Greetings from Belgrade

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"Edwards in Greece" has been in Serbia a lot lately, it seems! I'm back here again, this time for a more extended stay (18 days) in order to take some intensive language courses in Serbian. I arrived on Wednesday and saw my bishop before he left to go back to the US on Friday morning.

I'm staying at the University of Belgrade's Theological School, which is nice, because I just have to walk downstairs to go to church!

Anyway, aside from keeping up with my translation work and reading (the usual), I also met up with my friend Djina last night. We walked all around the old part of Belgrade, and I got this top photo of the Sava River (with the steeple of the Patriarchal church in the distant left) from the ramparts of the old Kalemegdan fortress.

The second photo is from the shop window of a bookstore along the pedestrian walkway area of Kneza Mihaila. That's a real cat in there -- apparently, that's *his* spot there!

This morning, Saturday, we had liturgy. Afterwards, Deacon Jovan (see third photo) invited me to his apartment to have lunch with his sister and their friends. All four of them are students at the Theological School. Dn. Jovan is a monk from a Serbian monastery in present-day Croatia.

Now it's downstairs to Vespers!

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