Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Morning at St. Sava's

On Sunday morning, we went downtown to attend Liturgy at the small Serbian church attached to Hilandar's konaki (guest house) in Thessaloniki. There I was blessed to serve with a hieromonk from Hilandar and a married Serbian priest who is also studying theology in Thessaloniki. It was a multi-lingual service -- I did a mixture of Greek and English, while they did a mixture of Slavonic and Serbian.
Afterwards, we went with some Serbian friends to the nearby Starbucks. (You can see us sitting there at the end of the video, which is about 1.5-mins long.)

While we were there, the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki pulled up to attend something at Panagia Dexia church, which is right next to the Starbucks. I love the Metropolitan's license plate (M. of Th.), so we had to get a photo.

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elias said...

My first thoughts when I saw the picture of license plate were "Mater Theon". :-)