Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Yard - CURRENT Pictures

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Finally, current pictures. I don’t call them “AFTER” photos, because we still have a lot of work we’d like to do. A lot of the ground looks pretty barren now, because the things we’ve planted haven’t come up yet. So, I’ll have to post some more pictures in a few months.

The top photo is taken from the Lillies’ yard. Their apartment is in the right background of the photo, and ours on the left. In between are the tomato and pepper plants.

The second photo is also taken from the Lillies’ yard as you walk on the sidewalk into our section. To the left is a second pathway we made. We used bricks to line the walkway and the gravel that was sitting in the middle of our yard as the filler. (Pelagia used a hand-sieve on all the gravel to separate out the sand.)

The middle pathway is the one that runs across all three of the apartments on this level, and the right path breaks off to go up to our back porch. On the far left, along the gravel path, you see a wicker chair which Pelagia found and fixed up. Just this side of the chair (not in the photo) are some cucumbers I planted.

The third photo is taken from the far end of the yard, back across our yard and toward the Lillies. You see our porch and then the Lillies’ porch behind that.

The bottom photo is of the middle of our yard. We are waiting on some wild flower seeds to bloom in here, so it looks pretty barren now. Pelagia constructed the small brick podium in the middle. In the background, you can barely make out a small, charcoal grill that the Lillies gave us, and a plastic table with two chairs and an umbrella that we found.

For a few more photos I took today, click here.

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Code Name: Larry said...

The yard looks great! I especially like the paths--very nice.

That garden was my escape when I lived there, but it never looked nearly as nice as you have it now!