Friday, May 04, 2007


As I’ve mentioned before, Pelagia has been working quite a lot for a lady from the local parish here, Marianna, in repainting her house, doing odd jobs, etc. This woman has been very kind to both of us and especially Pelagia.

Her husband is a businessman and also serves as an honorary consulate to Croatia (He’s not Croatian at all, so I’m not really sure what it means. It seems to be something equivalent to big business people in America serving on ‘boards’ of non-profits.). Anyway, about a month ago, there was a big photo exhibit here in Thessaloniki of a famous Croatian photographer (many of his photos of Croatia were very nice), and we were invited along with our neighbors, the Lillies. So we made an appearance and the hired photographer for the event took this photo of us with Marianna.

Pelagia just finished repainting a big section of her house today (I helped finish), and Marianna gave her this photo that was taken. I thought it might be nice to post it so you can see one of the many good-hearted people God has put in our lives here.

On another note, our friend Rob has finally finished his video of our trip to Patmos. The last day, our departure, is now available here. He is also putting all 5 days together into a 28-minute DVD, which will be available for sale here on this blog in the coming weeks (ok, just kidding – it probably wasn’t that popular, but it will be nice for us to have the DVD).

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