Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Greek Class - The Final Week

My friend and classmate Alexandros (a Greek-German) took this photo of our Greek class about 6 months ago. He subsequently dropped out of the class, but he came back for a visit today and gave out this photo as a present. He takes some great photos. I showed him the little I know about “blogging” and he set up his own blog here. (It’s got great photos of his travels around Greek, but the stories are in German.)

Anyway, this is the final week of Greek class! The big test is on Saturday morning and then that’s it! I’ll never speak Greek again! ( ;

(Or at least I won’t study grammar for awhile.)


papa herman said...

Funny how learning a foreign language requires us to relearn our own English rules of grammar... at least it did for me back in the day when I was trying to learn German.

Congrats on the end.

Gregory said...

German, eh? So you had no problem reading my friend's blog! ( ;