Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Walking Around Sofia

We spent most of our time in Sofia just walking around. As RM noted, it was chilly (Sofia is the highest capital in Europe), but it was also sunny, and if we stayed in the sun and kept walking, it wasn't bad.

On Saturday, we continued our exploration of the city. Brendan was a great tour guide – he lived there for 5 months at one point and goes back frequently.

First we passed by the enormous synagogue – unfortunately, it was closed so we didn’t get to go inside. (See the middle photo.) According to the latest statistics, Jews make up less than 1% of the population of Bulgaria (which totals about 8 million). Interestingly, Catholics and Protestants also have less than 1%. Muslims make up about 12% and the rest (about 83%) are Eastern Orthodox.

Sofia, as the largest city in Bulgaria (about 1.2 million), has a large Catholic cathedral and mosque in addition to the synagogue.

For some interesting and basic information about Bulgaria, check out this wikipedia article.

For more detailed information about Sofia (including information on many of the sites we visited), check out this article on Sofia. Don’t worry – they’re short! ( :

The top photo shows our hotel in the background. RM took the bottom photo -- it's a street musician playing in one of the underground subway stations.

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