Thursday, January 11, 2007

Greek Food

We had another ‘Greek’ day of eating and coffees on Sunday. First, our friend Yianni (John), was celebrating his Name’s Day, so he took us out for coffee after church.

Around 3 pm, RM took us out for a typical Greek mid-day meal at a nice restaurant here in Panorama. We’ve had very sunny weather, so we sat at an ‘outside’ table looking out on the main square of Panorama. The Greeks love to sit outside to eat or for coffee, so in the winter they put up clear plastic wind blockers and portable heaters. (See the top two photos.) And yes, we did have lamb!

After that, we again followed Greek tradition and went for a coffee. Our friend Paris joined us. While there, a priest came in, sprinkling the holy water from Theophany throughout the café. (See bottom photo – Paris is on the left.) You don’t see that too often in the US!

After coffee, Paris took us to the new planetarium, where we watched a short documentary on black holes (with Greek voice-over). Inexplicably, the 25-minute film was prefaced by a 15-minute documentary on the greatness of Ancient Greece.

We headed home pretty early, and went back to the grind on Monday morning. RM heads home early tomorrow (Friday) morning. We’re hoping to go to the monastery of Elder Paisios this evening. If not, we’ll just have to take RM when he returns!

RM on Greek food:

How can the Greek people stay so thin when eating is such an event? It goes on for hours!

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