Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sofia's Mosque

After the synagogue, we headed over to the mosque, which was nearby. Saturday was the Muslim feast of Eid ul-Adha or, as one person told us, the ‘Muslim Christmas.’ (It’s the day when Muslims celebrate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac.) It also happened to be the day Saddam Hussein was hanged. Despite all this, the mosque was practically deserted.

RM commented:

In close proximity, there was a church, a synagogue and a mosque, and it seemed like they were co-existing quite peacefully.

When I stepped into the mosque, for some reason I felt like I had gone back in time. It was very plain, but very ancient. We all found the inside very peaceful and reverent. There was one man in there, quietly sitting in a corner reading the Koran. I couldn’t help wondering how this could lead to people blowing themselves up.

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