Saturday, November 04, 2006

This week

Well, it's been a very busy week. Constantine Zalalas stayed with us until Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, we had a nice gathering here for all the Americans so that they could all welcome Constantine.

On Thursday evening, the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki came to our parish here in Panorama, to bring the relics of St. David of Evia for veneration here. We had beautiful festal vespers with the bishop on Thursday evening. The church was absolutely packed, and there were even camera crews for the local TV news. It was funny to see even the news cameramen making the sign of the cross behind their cameras during the service.

This morning (Saturday) there was liturgy (as usual) while the relics are still here. Another American couple, the John and Eva Karcher, from California, along with their three little girls, came up for the liturgy and then we had breakfast at our place afterwards. Our neighbors, Ann Lilly and her mother Margo, also joined us. It was very nice -- the kids LOVE our cat, Mo-mo.

The weather has turned VERY cold here, with high winds. There's even a chance of snow tonight or tomorrow. Of course, the building's heating system broke down last night.

In the top picture, we have (from clockwise): Pelagia, Eva, John, Ann, and Margo. In the bottom photo, we have Anna (back) and Melanie. Posted by Picasa

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