Saturday, November 11, 2006

Learning Greek

Well, unfortunately, we don't have any exciting photos to post this week. The weather here is turning cold, the hours of sunlight are dwindling, and I seem to spend all my time learning Greek -- or, rather, being humiliated by my 18-year-old Balkan classmates who seem to pick up Greek in a week or so.

Pelagia, meanwhile, is taking Greek half-time and she's also doing several odd jobs. The potential job with the interior decorator didn't work out because, for some strange reason, she thought Pelagia was some kind of fine arts oil painter rather than a house painter. Anyway, another part-time job has fallen into place this week -- a rather wealthy Greek woman has hired her to help with odd jobs around her house here in Panorama. One of the jobs she had her do this week was replacing light bulbs -- yes, really. It's not quite as bad as it initially sounds -- they're halogen bulbs which are tricky. Pelagia has also become the handy-woman around around apartment building. Amazingly, our landlords (who are elderly, traditional Greeks) have paid her to do some odd jobs such as repair the ceiling in someone's apartment. (Traditionally, only men would be considered capable of doing something like this.)

Well, that's all for now -- I have to get back to my homework! I promise we'll try to do something worthy of note to report on soon! ( :

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