Monday, May 26, 2014

Trip to Germany

Earlier this month, we took a family vacation to go visit some friends from Portaria who recently moved to Hamburg, Germany. We found excellent prices for tickets from Thessaloniki direct to Hamburg, so we set out on a Friday afternoon after school for Thessaloniki. Above is a photo from a road stop along the way.

Once we reached Thessaloniki, we stopped at Ikea to let the kids play in the playground area. Here Damiani is enjoying an Ikea ice cream cone.

On Saturday morning, our friend Angela took us to the airport and we were off. Here's Damiani on her first plane trip.

All the girls getting ready for the 2:45 hour trip.

Fortunately (for everyone), the plane was only about 1/3 full, so the kids all had a window to look out of. Here's Phoebe looking down on the clouds.

And here we are on the tarmac in Hamburg, waiting for the bus to take us to the terminal.

The kids were great travelers, each pulling a carry-on through the terminal. Our friend Raif met us at the car rental area and we were off.

Here we are once we reached our friends' house in L√ľneburg, a suburb about 45 minutes south of Hamburg. Phoebe is great friends with the two girls. Here they are trying out a build-your-own straw contraption. They managed to all drink juice with it!

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Linda said...

Really nice series of photos.