Monday, May 19, 2014

Feast at the Chapel of St. George

During Renewal (or Bright) Week, we celebrated the Feast of St. George on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in his chapel.

The chapel, which dates to 1765, has received a lot of attention in the last two years. First, it was dug out from the landslide of dirt it had been encased in, and now we painted the interior for the feast day. It made a big difference.

Some of the ladies lovingly prepared a wreath of fresh flowers to adorn the icon on the prokynitarion (above) and the saint's icon on the templon (two above).

We're also slowly trying to level and clear the land next to the chapel so that the kids can play there. Which is exactly what they did! I would love to get some kind of playground equipment there for them to use year-round, but that needs donors...

The view from the chapel.

The boys playing with the other kids before Vespers.

The kids saw me taking photos, and of course wanted to take some of their own. Besides the innumerable blurred shots of feet, they also captured this good one of Ezat, my faithful altar helper.

Here we are celebrating the artoklasia toward the end of Vespers, just outside the entrance to the church.

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