Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Our November Feast Day

There are 20 saints numbered as Holy Unmercenaries, and actually three different pairs named Kosmas and Damian. The first pair, from Rome, are celebrated on July 1. The second pair (and least known), from Arabia, are celebrated October 17. The final pair, from Asia Minor, are celebrated on November 1. We had festal vespers, with artoklasia, on Thursday evening. Fr. Maximos, our dean, came to celebrate with us and to give a homily. Above you can see a large restored icon of the saints.

Next to the icon, and adorned with fresh flowers, we laid out our relics of the saints.

We had a choir of chanter friends, for very nice chanting.

Fr. Maximos speaking.

Our icon of the saints on the iconostasis, adorned with fresh flowers.

This is an interested photo, taken through the window of our side chapel dedicated to St. Anthony.

This is a photo from the entrance to the church. As you can see, the service was well attended.

Here we are processing with another recently restored icon of the saints, again from the mid-1800s.

Fr. Ioannis, the priest of the parish just below us in Katohori, censing during the artoklasia.

A photo from the blessing of the loaves during the artoklasia.

On Friday morning, we had festal Orthros and Liturgy with the priest of the other parish in Portaria, Fr. Agathonas, together with Agiasmos for the first of the month. Again, the service was well attended, considering it was a weekday, and we heard many positive comments about how the church was decorated, etc.

For more photos from the feast, click here.

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