Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Bell Tower

I recently tracked down the keys to our bell tower and decided to take the kids up there for something to do. Above, you can see them scampering up the stairs after we opened the door. Benny was fighting a massive spider web.

Here's Paul just underneath the two bells.

The parish mechanized the bells just a few years ago. Now I can play several different rhythms with the touch of a button in the altar.

A view out toward the northwest. The building in between the tall evergreens is our Chapel of St. George, built in 1765. The big building in the distance off to the left is the hotel Xenia Palace. Just on the other side of it is our Chapel of the Archangels. In the upper right hand corner you can see the neighboring village of Makrynitsa.

And here's the view down to the church. The small building in the foreground on the left is where the oil heating unit for the church is. Below that, on the left, is the front of the church.

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