Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28th - Protection of the Theotokos and Ohi Day

On Monday, in a scene repeated around Greece, school kids gathered in churches to celebrate the national holiday of "Ohi Day," which was later combined with the church's feast of the Protection of the Theotokos, shifting its celebration from October 1 to October 28 to commemorate the many miracles of the Mother of God reported by Greek soldiers at the beginning of the war.

It is a national holiday, but kids still go to school in the morning in order to go together to the local church. After the Liturgy, they then recite various traditional poems related to the feast. We went down to the adjoining parish of the Holy Apostles to see our kids' presentation. Each of the kids had to memorize and recite four lines. Our kids divided up a 12-line poem, to say together. You can see them in the video above, followed by some of the other kids.

Here are the parents and family looking on.

Afterwards, it is traditional for the priests to say a trisagion, and then the various local institutions lay a wreath at the memorial in honor of those who fell.

Finally, Fr. Ioannis told the kids that it was over, and they all ran to be treated to some juice and loukoumi (Turkish Delight).

Here's Fr. Ioannis with his grandson, who's classmates with the triplets.

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