Monday, October 14, 2013

Benjamin's Name Day

On Sunday, the Church celebrated the memory of St. Benjamin the Deacon, Benny's name day. I was able to find the entire service dedicated to him (in Greek), from a 1937 edition that was dedicated to the Ecumenical Patriarch at the time, who was also named Benjamin.

Benny's godfather just translated his apolytikion, which we now make available for the first time (as far as I know) in English:

Mode 1 (citizen of the desert)
In hymns and spiritual songs, let us honour holy Benjamin,
scion of Persia and great boast of the faithful,
lustrous pride of deacons and adornment of martyrs,
striving after his sacred virtues and crying with one voice:
Glory to Christ Who glorified you, glory to Him Who crowned you,
glory to Him Who kept you steadfast in your struggles.

On Saturday night, we celebrated Vespers with Artoklasia, and Benny was quite pleased to process around the church with the icon of his saint.

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