Friday, March 29, 2013

The Kids Go Skiing

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Spring is coming, so we were just in time when we recently took the kids skiing for the first time. We're fortunate to live about 25 minutes away from a ski center, located near the next village above us, Hania. Portaria stands at about 650 meters above sea level, while Hania quickly reaches to almost double that, around 1200. In Portaria, we've had one brief flirtation with snow, while Hania has had much more, although generally in Greece the winter has been unusually mild.

Here's Phoebe as we walk up the hill from the car to the ski lodge.

Through an offer on Groupon, we managed to get ski rentals and a first ski lesson for the kids for only 15 euros. Phoebe decided at the last minute that she didn't want to try it, but the boys were brave and up for the adventure. Above is their teacher, Thanos, who has four small kids of his own, putting on Paul's ski boots.

Here's Benny, with his skis, waiting his turn while Paul goes with the teacher first.

And here's Paul and the teacher taking the rope tow up the hill.

The boys took turns with the teacher, so here was Benny's first turn on the rope tow.

Here's Paul coming down with the teacher on his second turn. The ski lodge is in the background.

Above and below you can see Benny coming down by himself. Both of the boys did extremely well and were very enthusiastic. The teacher was particularly impressed with Benny, whom he said was "born to ski." As you can see in the photos above and below, he had excellent natural posture (or so the teacher said). Of course, he may be trying to drum up business, but it did seem to me, as a ski "layman," that both the boys did really well.

Apparently, Benny kept telling the teacher that he wanted to take the skis home with him.

Afterwards, they were cold and hungry, so we took them to the ski lodge, where we sat in front of the fire and they had hot chocolate and pitas.

And, finally, here we are heading back down the hill to the car. The kids decided to roll most of the way down. A young couple ahead of us looks on and smiles.

For a few more photos, click here.

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