Friday, March 15, 2013

More from the Kids

Here are some photos of the kids. Above is Benjamin eating orange slices.

Spring is coming! Pres. Pelagia and the kids took advantage of the nice weather to get outside and play Uno. Of course, the kids have their own set of "rules."

Pres. Pelagia has been busy making wardrobes to fit our bedroom. Here are the kids playing inside one of the new ones, before the doors got put on. Above, Paul and Phoebe are both kissing Benny.

More goofing around in the wardrobe.

Phoebe is quite the fashion diva and dresses herself. Here she is as she heads out to pre-school.

Here we are as we walk down to their pre-school. On the left is an old olive press, which was powered by water coming down the mountain, through the open pipe that crosses above the cobblestone path. Now this press serves as a museum.

Pres. Pelagia and the kids went to Thessaloniki last weekend to visit friends and do some errands. Here they are at the Volos train station.

And here are the kids playing on an old rail cart as we wait for the train.

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