Monday, October 22, 2012

Aunts and Uncles

One day, my parents gave the kids outfits -- a princess outfit for Phoebe and pirate outfits for the boys.

Here they are checking out their new outfits in the mirror.

We visited lots of my family on the East Coast. Above, we visited my uncle and aunt, who had a granddaughter about Phoebe's age. They hit it off right away.

We visited another aunt and uncle in Maryland. My uncle let the boys hold an officer's sword from the American Revolutionary War, part of his collection.

They have a playground across the street from their house. Above, my cousin Kim pushed Phoebe and Paul on the swing.

This is a great toy -- the first time we had ever seen one.

Next to the playground was a firehouse. They saw the kids and let us come in. They even let the kids play in the truck and turn on the lights.

For more photos from the East Coast, click here.

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