Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outings with the Triplets

One day in November, the triplets and I met our Serbian friend Danica at the Thessaloniki zoo, along with her friend Rejko, who was visiting Thessaloniki from Belgrade. Although it was a little cold, it was a nice day, and the colors of fall were beautiful. The zoo is a lovely escape from the concrete jungle of the city.

We took a snack break in a gazebo inside the zoo.

Rejko was trying to make sure the babies didn't fall as they scaled these rocks in the zoo.

Here we are feeding leaves to the animals.

The babies went with me one Sunday afternoon to Ormylia to pick up Mother Nina. After Vespers, the babies decided to play in the sisters' large cross-shaped baptismal font, which is designed for converting adults. (They don't do infant baptisms at the monastery.)

Catching up, finally, to the present, the photos above and below are from our trip downtown last week. The photo above was taken at the base of Aristotle Square, where they've set up a kind of Christmas fair. To the right, in the water, you can see a Christmas tree-inspired float. The Christmas tree is actually foreign to Greek Christianity, which traditionally has a decorated boat. For some reason (probably financial, given the crisis), they didn't bring the decorated boat this year, but instead opted for this simpler display. However, a strong wind came in just a couple days after we took this photo and sank the display.

We stopped by the Church of Agia Sophia, where the kids had fun jumping in the rain puddles in the courtyard.

For a few more photos, click here.

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