Monday, December 19, 2011

Catching Up

I've got a backlog of photos of the triplets from the last couple months, so here goes. First, we head back to October when my parents came to visit. One day, we went to Ikea, and above you can see a photo of my dad and Benjamin eating ice cream there.

One day, we took a trip with the parish out to the Monastery of St. Anastasia, founded in 888. The monks there have a small collection of deer just outside the monastery walls. The kids like feeding them, as you can see above.

After visiting the monastery, the bus headed to the nearby village of St. John the Forerunner, which is famous for its great meat. Above, my dad and Benjamin caught a quick nap on the bus.

Above, Paul got a chance to drive the bus for awhile. You can see below that the babies enjoyed riding on the bus.

One day, we headed down to the center of Thessaloniki to shop for gifts for my parents to take back to the US. Here's Paul enjoying an ice cream on Aristotle Square, near the bazaar.

One day, our friend Job and another friend from Syria (both theology students here in Thessaloniki) came up to our house for lunch. Above and below, you can see the kids playing with bubbles.

Above, my dad reading the truck book to the boys. Ever since they brought that truck book, Benjamin doesn't go anywhere without it.

At the beginning of November, after my parents left, Mother Nina of St. Nilus Skete in Alaska came to visit. She spent about 2 weeks at the monastery in Ormylia, but stayed with us briefly on either side of that visit. One Friday night, we went down to St. Dimitrios' to venerate the saint and attend the Friday night Liturgy in the crypt where the saint was martyred.

Above, the group of dedicated ladies who are devoted to serving the parish. One of the ladies treated the group and the priests to dinner in memory of her departed husband.

Above, a shot of Paul cuddling with the cat on the bed, in that brief instant before the cat freaks out and leaves.

For more photos from my parents' visit, click here.

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Come Meet Us said...

What an absolutely AMAZING place for your little ones to grow up! I love seeing your life unfold with those three! Still think you should be a writer brother :)