Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Triplets at a Baptism

On Saturday, October 1, we went downtown to Papafeio, an orphanage built around 1900 that has its own church inside the property. There, some friends were baptizing their new baby.

Above, you can see Phoebe and her friend Michael eating cupcakes at the end of the baptism.

After Phoebe had eaten all the sugary pink frosting, she offered me the rest of the cupcake.

More photos of the babies enjoying their cupcakes.

Outside the church.

Benjamin was getting excited about the camera.

There were a lot of kids there, so they all gathered for a photo on the steps of the church at the end of the baptism.

We briefly hosted someone from my alma mater, a pre-med student who spent one month at the monastery in Ormylia helping with their free medical clinic. Here she is with the babies in front of the church.

Here are some shots she took of the babies playing on the steps in front of the church.

On Sunday morning, Pelagia and the babies took our guest to Liturgy at the famous St. Nicholas Orphanos and then for a coffee in the upper city, next to the area St. Paul stayed the night after he was thrown out of the city (see Acts 17). Above is another photo she took at coffee.

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